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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Prasa lokalna jako element kultury społeczeństwa obywatelskiego po 1989 roku w РolsceDziurzyński, К.
2017Pre-school teacher`s management competence componentsAlekseenko-Lemovska, Lyudmyla Vladyslavivna
2019Predicate and Objective Syntaxeme in the Semantic and Syntactic Structure of a Sentence in Modern GreekLiubchenko, Tetiana V.; Любченко, Т. В.
2018Preparing for the writing section of english tests: main stages of writing processKarpenkova, N. Yu.
2017Preparing higher school graduates in foreshortening of leader competencies for 2020Pet’ko, Lyudmila
2017Preparing mentally retarded teenagers at Literature lesson for creative activitiesKravets, Nina
2016Principles for ensuring continuity in Chinese students’ piano teaching in the system of Ukrainian music-pedagogical educationLan Chun Shin
2018Principles of distance educationHavrylenko, K. M.
2020Principles of metaphor-artifacts formation based on conceptual integration processTolcheieva, Tetiana S.; Толчеєва, Тетяна Станіславівна
2015Principles of the teenagers’ performing skills formation in the vocal teaching processSjao Lin
2017Priorities for the development of the Ukrainian national idea and the upbringing students of this modern eraPet’ko, Lyudmila
2017Priority of Ukrainian literature lessons for creative development of pupils with speciall educational needsKravets, Nina
2018Problems and prospects of professional development of physical training teachers in PolandVoitovska, O. M.
2012Problems то bе solvedJosef, Hynek
2011Proces globalizacji jako zjawisko techniczneMuchacki, Mateusz
2017Process of educating logopedists (Speech-Language Pathologists) at the university level in PolandSzafrańska, Karina
2018Process of foreign language training and its influence on the forming of professional mobility of future managers in agrarian sphereMartseniuk, N. A.
2016Professional and ethical culture of the social worker: the import and structureKapska, Alla
2016Professional consciousness of the personality: structural and content analysisShevchenko, N. F.
2019Professional formation of the psychologist's personality in the system of special educationSyniov, V.; Sheremet, M.; Suprun, D.