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Title: Комплексне використання наочних засобів навчання фізики учнів старшої школи.
Authors: Бодненко, Тетяна Василівна
Keywords: наочні засоби навчання
наочно-образне мислення
якість навчання фізики
формування фізичних понять
visual aids
visually-creative thinking
physics study quality
formation of physical concepts
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Видавництво НПУ імені М.П.Драгоманова
Citation: Бодненко, Тетяна Василівна. Комплексне використання наочних засобів навчання фізики учнів старшої школи : автореф. дис. ... канд. пед. наук : 13.00.02 / Т. В. Бодненко ; керівник роботи Є. В. Коршак ; Нац пед. ун-т ім. М. П. Драгоманова. - Київ, 2010. - 20 с.
Abstract: У дисертації розроблено методичний підхід комплексного використання наочних засобів навчання фізики у старшій школі, спрямований на формування фізичних понять, що обумовлене особливостями процесу пізнання як такого, що відображається людиною об’єктивною дійсністю. У роботі розширено процесуально-методичний апарат комплексного використання наочних засобів навчання фізики, конкретизовано поняття “наочність”, “наочно-образне мислення”, “наочні засоби навчання”, стосовно учнів старшої школи в процесі навчання фізики. Результати педагогічного експерименту підтвердили гіпотезу дослідження про те, що впровадження комплексного використання наочних засобів навчання забезпечить суттєве підвищення ефективності формування фізичних понять та якості навчання.
Method basis of the complex use of visual aids for physics study of pupils of the senior school are scientifically founded in the Ph.D. thesis. The methodical approach of complex use of visual aids for physics study at the senior school for formation of physical concepts is developed in the dissertation; it is caused by features of process of cognition as such that reflects the objective reality by a person. The procedural-methodical instrument of complex use of visual aids is specified and expanded in the research; concepts "visual methods", "visually-creative thinking", "visual aids" are concretized concerning physics study of pupils of the senior school. Results of pedagogical experiment have confirmed a hypothesis of research that adoption of visual aids for physics study in the senior school will provide essential increase of efficiency of formation of physical concepts. Reliability and validity of results and conclusions of the research is provided by use of the scientific results received by the theoretical analysis of great volume of the scientific-methodical and educational literature concerning a theme of the research, a complex of methods which are adequate to the research subject and task, and statistical methods of processing of results of research. Having analyzed literary sources and works of physicists-methodologists we draw a conclusion that among visual aids for physics study leading are natural and sign models and graphic images. They carry out the following functions: cognitive (enriching processes of thinking by a number of the details lost in abstract concepts and helping to uncover internal properties of an object or phenomenon) and administrative (carrying out moderation and activization of cognitive activity of pupils). It is proved that pupil’s learning of a physics concept which in the verbal form 18 displays the important properties of an object of studying takes place as creation of the generalized image of a modeling object. The analysis resulted in the work testifies basic difference in images which are formed during natural and modeling experiments – the first provides formation of images which display external properties of the object, the second – assists comprehension of internal structure and properties of the object. Thus, modeling experiment in comparison with natural gets the prime role in formation of physical concepts. Accordingly, modeling experiment initiates theoretical style of thinking. The technique of complex use of visual aids for physics study of pupils of the senior school includes creation of visual aids for creation of problem situations at studying physics (a new way of demonstration Abbe experiment at studying theme "Diffraction of light"); visual aids are used at different stages of cognitive activity (carrying out of intellectual experiment as means of visualization during studying physical concepts and physics problems solving); use graphically-mediated visualization at formation of nuclear physics concepts (nuclear binding energy); unification of different kinds of visual aids during studying of direct current electric circles (studying of the Ohm law). Use of computer programs (MATLAB, LabVіEW) for visualization of a physics material and simplification of graphs construction during graphic physics problems solving. So, complex unification of visual methods of demonstration of the physical phenomena, visual creative problems, and analysis of the graphs helps formation of physical concepts, in particular at studying not observable phenomena and processes in physics. The methodical approach of complex use of visual aids for physics study at the senior school is directed to formation of physical concepts by drawing of pupils into active work with optimum complex use of visual aids (designing, modeling, forecasting, programming, etc.) and conscious studying of physics that increase a learning efficiency, and so improve a level of knowledge physics of pupils. The analysis of results of research confirms efficiency and productivity of the developed scientific-methodical complex approach to visual aids use for physics study at the senior school. Criteria according to which physical concepts are formed are offered in the work. Comparison of results of the entrance and final control of educational achievements gives ability to draw a conclusion that after application of the complex approach the level of building up physics knowledge of a high level has significantly increased. The analysis of the statistical data testifies that the method of complex use of visual aids is an effective and covers the aspects necessary for formation of physics concepts. The work does not solve all problems concerning the organization, technology, improvement of quality of physics study at the senior school. Continuation of scientific research can be carried in the following directions: application of the methodical approach to the problem of complex use of visual aids for physics study of pupils of the senior school of different types.
URI: http://enpuir.npu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/5179
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