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Title: Гуманізація як одна з тенденцій методики навчання музики другої половини XX - початку XXI століття
Authors: Стець, Г. В.
Keywords: гуманизация
субъект-субъектные отношения
индивидуализация обучения
педагогика сотрудничества
методика обучения музыке
individualization of education
cooperative pedagogics
methodology of music teaching
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Вид-во НПУ ім. М. П. Драгоманова
Citation: Стець Г. В. Гуманізація як одна з тенденцій методики навчання музики другої половини XX - початку XXI століття / Г. В. Стець // Науковий часопис Національного педагогічного університету імені М. П. Драгоманова. Серія 14: Теорія і методика мистецької освіти / М-во освіти і науки України, Нац. пед. ун-т ім. М.П. Драгоманова. - К. : Вид-во НПУ ім. М. П. Драгоманова, 2014. - Вип. 16 (21). - C. 51-56.
Abstract: В статье освещены гуманистической тенденции в области музыкальной педагогики в Украине второй половины ХХ - начала XXI века, определено ее содержание; подчеркивается важность культурологического подхода в музыкальном образовании молодежи; отмечается, что музыкальное искусство является отраслью культуротворческого процесса; выявлены и раскрыты основные направления гуманизации музыкального образования в Украине; проанализированы современные исследования проблем методики обучения музыке в общеобразовательной школе в контексте гуманистической тенденции
In contemporary methodology of music teaching humanistic tendencies are revealed in updating of the content of music education and training, in the development of its forms, in the improvement of the methods and techniques, in changing of the pedagogical relationship of participants of the educational process. Humanistic orientation of school music education reflects in the fact that educational relationships are built through dialogue and subject-to-subject relations; this process is based on respect for the child’s personality and is focused on implementation of its individual needs, interests and abilities. By humanization of education we understand the implementation of theoretical and methodological experience of the humanistic approach to teaching students, gained by general and musical pedagogics, into the practice of music teachers. Materials of recent school and university standards and programmes, scientific publications and researches show activization of the search of the humanistic paradigm of music education. Researchers bring up issues of learning control from the position of the children’s interests and humane relationship between a teacher and a student. In terms of humanization of music education, the problems of artistic, imaginative and musical thinking are studied separately. The important matter of the methodology of music teaching and one of its main priorities is the formation and development of musical abilities of children. Researches, related to the methods of using Ukrainian traditions in music education from the perspective of reliance on folk ground, depth and humanistic direction of its artistic content, are of special interest. Area of research related to the artistic and educational activities among students is a humanistic position manifestation in methodology of music teaching. In the process of studying the problem of music education humanization, the research devoted to the evaluation system of the students’ education system as a basis for the development of musical ideology and values of secondary-school students in the context of person-centered paradigm of education attracts attention. Investigations somehow related to the humanization of music education at school are carried out in the field of multimedia technologies using
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