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Title: Функціонально-прагматичний аспект навчання синаксису простого речення майбутніх учителів-словесників.
Authors: Дружененко, Р.С.
Keywords: функціональний підхід
функціонально-прагматичний аспект
прагматика простого речення
прагматичний смисл висловлення
стратегії і тактики мовленнєвої поведінки
functional approach
functionally-pragmatic aspect
pragmatic of the simple sentence
pragmatic sense of theexpression
the strategies and tactics of the speech behavior
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Видавництво НПУ імені М.П.Драгоманова
Abstract: У статті розглядається проблема функціонального підходу навчання української мови, зокрема прагматичного аспекту, окреслено умови осмислення майбутніми вчителями-словесниками прагматики простого речення на заняттях із синтаксису. Функціональна основа навчання синтаксису дозволяє розглядати речення як актуалізовану одиницю мови. Реалізація функціонально-прагматичного аспекту зумовлює зміни пріоритетів мовної освіти та забезпечує реалізацію комунікативної методики навчання синтаксису.
The basic aspects of the development of the high school cause the changes in the sphere of the education. The understanding and the development of the special measures, that foresee the renovation of the pedagogical education, it is explained by the modern strategies of the evolution of Ukrainian school on the one hand by the professionally – literacy personality and on the other hand – the successful communicative person. The way to solve the mentioned problem is -of the functional pragmatical aspect of the learning of the linguistic disciplines, especially modern Ukrainian literary language, which has to provide the perfect language and communicative preparation of the future teacher of Language and Literature.The special sense we have to give to the chapter “The syntax of the simple sentence”, for the help of the sentences the thought is created, the sentence is that language unit, which integrates the forms of thinking of the people - language and speech, communication. Inconsequence of the functional method a simple sentence is studied as communicative unit, or expression. The pragmatic paradigm of syntactic functional provides differentiation and the comprehension of thepragmatic significative component to of thesyntactic units, finds the expression in deepening of the theory of the functional meaning of the syntactic structures, that will include the illocutive factors, segmentation of the expression, that comes from the speaker in separate communicative situations and envisages the result - the influence on a recipient. For the basis a the study is taken that, in the conditions of what communicative situation, with what intentions expression is used by the speaker. The Functionally-pragmatic aspect of the study of language allows to change the basic reference-points in the language preparation of future teacher of Ukrainian and Literature, to realize the communicative going to the the syntax of simple sentence, that is accompanied by knowledge about a sentence as speech act, that is embodiment of the pragmatic sense, realized strategies and tactician of the speaker, and also forming of the pragmatic component of the communicative competence by the facilities of text and the conversation.
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