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Authors: Bekh, Volodymyr
Bekh, Yuliya
Keywords: genesis, morphology and functional capacity of social work
theory of social work
Issue Date: 15-Apr-2013
Publisher: ТОВ «ВТД «Університетська книга»
Citation: Bekh, Volodymyr Theory of Social Work : monography / V. Bekh , Yu. Bekh ; ed. by I. Predborska. – Sumy : University Book, 2013. – 208 p.
Abstract: The monograph highlights the genesis, morphology and functional capacity of social work as a natural phenomenon. The origin, nature, content, morphological and procedural forms of social work are grounded consistently. The activity-nature of the phenomenon is demonstrated, the basic law of the social work self-development is formulated, the heuristic models of social work and social institution is presented, the risk factors for the social work development process by means of the state and civil society authorities are defined, the decision-making algorithms for solution of the crisis human problems and the problems of the social institution management are provided, the general types of self-regulation mechanisms: archetypal, regulatory and informationsigns are highlighted. It is recommended for use of researchers, doctoral candidates, master’s degree graduates, bachelors, executives of social institutions, practitioners and volunteers working in the field of social work and for all those who are interested in these issues of design, construction, modernization and optimization of social systems.
URI: http://enpuir.npu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/4046
ISBN: 978 966 680 663 8
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