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Title: Підвищення рухових можливостей студентів в процесі фізичного виховання
Authors: Кузьменко, Н. В.
Keywords: студенти
фізичне виховання
рухові можливості
физическое воспитание
двигательные возможности
physical education
moving capabilities
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: НПУ імені М. П. Драгоманова
Citation: Кузьменко, Н. В. Підвищення рухових можливостей студентів в процесі фізичного виховання / Н. В. Кузьменко // Науковий часопис Національного педагогічного університету імені М. П. Драгоманова. Серія 15 : Науково-педагогічні проблеми фізичної культури / фізична культура і спорт : зб. наук. праць. - Київ : Вид-во НПУ імені М. П. Драгоманова, 2014. - Вип. 6(49). - С. 68-73.
Abstract: В роботі розглянуто принципи та особливості застосування різних методів щодо розвитку рухових можливостей студентів.
В работе рассмотрены принципы и особенности применения различных методов по развитию двигательных возможностей студентов.
Aspiration of Ukraine to be a well – developed and democratic state requires a decision not only economic and social problems but also problems of education and bringing its citizen. One of the main directions of reforming education is guaranteeing corresponding conditions for studies and bringing physical, mental and healthy person at each educational establishment; first of all it concerns higher educational establishments which form physical culture of future specialists.In official papers about development of physical culture it notes that physical culture is essential kind of culture of society as well as means of bringing all – round developed person of specialist. Orientation to rising level of forming physical culture deepens contradictions between objective wants of development of physical culture with orientation to new social and pedagogical training of specialists of higher school and real state of its development at the process of physical culture of students. Actuality of abovementioned problem as well as biological bases of rising moving possibilities of students at the process of physical culture promotes interesting theoretical specialists as concerned to active aspect of physical culture. But at present time no concretization of essence of this aspect; at present it is not obvious certain contents of moving culture at the process of physical education of students. That is why present work considers biological peculiarities of forming moving possibilities of students at the process of physical education as structural element of moving culture and present work determines content essence of moving culture. At the present time it is a need at search and application of effective methods which are directed to development of moving possibilities.
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