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Авторская концептуализация осени в языковой картине мира К. Г. Паустовского

ISSN: 2310-8290

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dc.identifier.citation Сивова, Т. Авторская концептуализация осени в языковой картине мира К. Г. Паустовского / Т. Сивова // Науковий часопис Національного педагогічного університету імені М. П. Драгоманова. Серія 8 : Філологічні науки (мовознавство і літературознавство) : зб. наук. праць. - Київ : Вид-во НПУ імені М. П. Драгоманова, 2019. - Вип. 11. - С. 24-31. ua
dc.description.abstract Статья посвящена исследованию категории природного времени и выявлению специфики индивидуально-авторской перцепции осени в языковой картине мира К. Г. Паустовского. Представлен количественный и качественный состав ядерных лексем, репрезентирующих темпоральную координату "Осень", установлены индивидуально-авторские характеристики осени, выявлены особенности её визуализации. ua
dc.description.abstract Introduction. The category of time traditionally arouses the linguistic research interest. It is due, firstly, to the status of the time category as a fundamental category underlying the scientific and language pictures of the world, and secondly, to the anthropocentric paradigm of modern linguistics. The study of individual author ’s features of time perception contributes to the holistic reconstruction of the writer’s language picture of the world. Purpose. The purpose of the article is to identify the specifics of the individual author ’s perception of autumn in the K. Paustovsky’s language picture of the world. Methods. The main research methods are: descriptive-analytical, contextual, quantitative data processing method. Results. The main results are: 1) the quantitative and qualitative composition of the nuclear lexemes representing the "Autumn" temporal coordinate is described; 2) based on the analysis of lexical compatibility of the lexeme autumn, the dominant characteristics of autumn are revealed, including: the temporal, spatial, odorative, coloristic, light, taste, temperature, acoustic, anthropological, emotional; 3) the individual author’s features of the perception of autumn are described, among which are: the dialectic connection of time and space, which is manifested in the specific segmentation of the temporal continuum, due to the spatial factor, in the endowment of time with spatial properties; as well as the unity of color and light; tendency to intensify perception; establishing temporal, spatial, odorative, coloristic parallels. Originality. The study of the individual author’s perception of autumn on the material of K. Paustovsky’s "Collected Works" has not previously been conducted. It is logical continuation of our research aimed at identifying and describing the specifics of time perception and visualization for the purpose of the author’s temporal picture of the world reconstruction. Conclusion. In the K. Paustovsky’s individual author’s perception, marked by the romantic worldview features, autumn becomes a time of creativity; time, endowed with a wide range of characteristics, among which the dominant are: Kiev (spatial), sweetish-bitter (odorative), black-gold-yellow (coloristic), with predominance of light (light), bitter-tart (taste), with low temperature (temperature), in natural sounds (acoustic), exceptional (emotional). The individual author’s "reactions" to the "stimulus" autumn are much richer and more diverse than the reactions recorded in the "Russian Associative Dictionary", reflected in the "Dictionary of the Compatibility of Words of the Russian Language", which confirms the significance of K. Paustovsky’s individual writing style study. ua
dc.language.iso ru ua
dc.publisher НПУ імені М. П. Драгоманова ua
dc.subject время ua
dc.subject природное время ua
dc.subject языковая картина мира ua
dc.subject идиостиль ua
dc.subject К. Г. Паустовский ua
dc.subject time ua
dc.subject natural time ua
dc.subject time continuum ua
dc.subject space ua
dc.subject unity of space and time ua
dc.subject language picture of the world ua
dc.subject individual characteristics of perception ua
dc.subject individual writing style ua
dc.subject romantic worldview ua
dc.subject lexicography ua
dc.subject K. Paustovsky ua
dc.subject.classification 81’42:821.161.1 ua
dc.title Авторская концептуализация осени в языковой картине мира К. Г. Паустовского ua
dc.type Article ua

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