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Title: Readiness of Mentally Retarded Pupils-Teenagers to the Reader's Activity Mastering
Authors: Kravets, Nina Pavlivna
Кравец, Нина
Keywords: розумово відсталі учні
читацька діяльність
художня і науково-пізнавальна література, навичка читання
pupils with Intellectual Developmental Disorders
Mental Retardation
reader’s activity
fiction literature
popular-science literature
reading skills
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Toronto : Shiny Word Corp. (Canada)
Citation: Kravets N.P. Readiness of Mentally Retarded Pupils-Teenagers to the Reader's Activity Mastering / N.P. Kravets // Intellectual Archive. – 2015. – Volume 4. – Num. 4 (July). Series "Education & Pedagogy". – Toronto : ShinyWordCorp. – PP. 123–136.
Abstract: У статті розглянуто питання готовності розумово відсталих підлітків до оволодіння читацькою діяльністю та проаналізовано причини, що негативно впливають на цей процес. Визначено рівні готовності учнів до опанування читацькою діяльністю. Доведено роль педагогів і батьків у формуванні дітей як активних читачів.
This article guides the reader to understand the perspectives towards students with mental retardation in the way of teaching reading, discusses the definition in literature for children with disabilities. The article is given the readiness of mentally retarded students to master the reader's activity; kinds of literature to correction mentally retarded teenagers and with physical disorders are reduced. The author analysis of students’reader’s tastes: their attitude to the kinds of literature, the literature works of different genres. She points out that using literature for children has many benefits for teaching friendship skills to children with learning disabilities. As a tool for teaching, stories provide easy and creative introductions to a topic. Many children's books are available on the topic of friends, socializing, conversation, and playing together teaching reading. Through the use of children's literature, children with learning disabilities can be taught valuable skills that will enable them to make and maintain friendships. The author finds out causes which influence on the willingness of mentally retarded teenagers on their reader's activity. The levels of readiness of students to master the reader's activity are given.
URI: http://enpuir.npu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/8413
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