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Title: Інноваційні аспекти роботи музичного продюсера з авторами-виконавцями у репетиційному періоді
Authors: Папченко, В. П.
Keywords: музичне продюсування
музичний матеріал
електронна музика
music production
musical material
rock band
electronic music
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Вид-во НПУ імені М. П. Драгоманова
Citation: Папченко, В. П. Інноваційні аспекти роботи музичного продюсера з авторами-виконавцями у репетиційному періоді / В. П. Панченко // Науковий часопис Національного педагогічного університету імені М. П. Драгоманова. Серія 14 : Теорія і методика мистецької освіти : зб. наук. праць. - Київ : Вид-во НПУ імені М. П. Драгоманова, 2016. - Вип. 20 (25). - С. 155-159.
Abstract: У статті розглянуто нові підходи до організації репетиційного процесу колективу авторів - виконавців, як одного з етапів музичного продюсування. Досліджено інноваційні аспекти формування професійних навичок у майбутніх музичних продюсерів.
The article deals with new approaches to the organization of the rehearsal process of the collective of singer-songwriters as one of the stage of music production. Explore innovative aspects of the formation of professional skills of future music producers. Music producer plays a leading role in the sound of any creative act - studio album, theatrical performances, film soundtrack, TV shows, concert, radio broadcast and more. These professionals are the agents of high "sound" taste - they are leaders of the modern music industry. To create quality music material particular importance is the effective operation of the producer of the performers in the rehearsal period. The tasks of the music producer at this stage are: a) monitoring and tuning original music material;b) preparation artists to recording studio and concert performances. The initial rehearsals can take place in the acoustic form («unplugged») and consist of solo singing to the accompaniment of a guitar, piano or keyboards. During the first rehearsal the producer should find out a range of voice soloist-vocalist. Experiments in the rehearsal studio always helpful: songs playing in various musical styles (rock, jazz, rap, disco, reggae) will enable music producers to look at material from different sides. Description methodology for a band or soloist for further recording studio suitable for the popular genre of electronic music today, which mainly uses synthesized or sampled sounds. Unlike electronic music, the recording of "live" acoustic music in the sound of the subjective factor intervenes: the producer having some difficulty in identifying the best take. The ability to recognize the most "energy charged" performance is the most important part of the profession of music producer. Producer - a strategist in the field of audiovisual arts, and it is in the rehearsal period formed the main lines of the successful work on the music. These categories are the driving forces of creative progress, as the task of training in higher educational institutions of Ukraine qualified music producers is imperative for society.
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