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Title: Особистісна характеристика медичного працівника
Other Titles: Personality characteristics of medical worker
Authors: Колісник-Гуменюк, Юлія Ігорівна
Гуменюк, Василь Васильович
Keywords: гуманізм
медична освіта
медичний працівник
професійно-етична культура
health worker
medical education
professional and ethical culture
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Колісник-Гуменюк, Ю. І. Особистісна характеристика медичного працівника / Ю. І. Колісник-Гуменюк, В. В. Гуменюк // Неперервна професійна освіта : теорія і практика : наук.-метод. журн.- Київ, 2015. - Вип. 1-2. - С. 72-77.
Abstract: У статті розглядаються завдання сучасної медичної освіти, з’ясовується взаємозв’язок між навчальними і виховними завданнями медичного закладу як основою формування професіоналізму медичного фахівця. Після проведеного аналізу наукових праць було встановлено, що при професійній підготовці фахівців у медичній галузі необхідно враховувати не лише формування системи знань, умінь, навичок, але й розвивати їх особистісні якості, які відповідають вимогам майбутньої професійної діяльності. Медична освіта ставить за мету формування особистісних якостей майбутніх медиків, залучаючи їх до усвідомлення та пізнання гуманістичних й загальнолюдських цінностей.
In thearticle there is viewed the problem of modern medical education, it is finding out for the relationship between training and educational objectives at medical establishment as forming basis for professionalism of medical specialist. After the analysis of scientific works was found that during the training of professionals in the medical field should take into account not only the formation of a system of knowledge and skills, but also develop their personality qualities that meet the requirements of future professional activity. Medical education directed at the personality traits of future physicians, involving them in awareness and knowledge of humanistic and universal values. The social significance and complexity of professional duties of medical workers requires a high level of their training, fundamental knowledge of the theory and practice of medicine, acquisition of skills and techniques of medical practice. Health professionals should be educated, competitive, mobile and independent in making decisions, responsible for their activities, harmoniously developed, to own scientific style of thinking, to see a natural-scientific picture of the world, to develop ecological thinking. Healthcare workers should also realize the responsibility placed on them, to be friendly, attentive to the patient, hospitable and restrained. An important are interest by the health professional in their profession, loving it, patience and dedication, combination offirmness with carefulness. Features of medical practice determine specific requirements for personal qualities health professionals, such as altruism and self-discipline. Medical specialists must not only express their moral qualities, but also influence on others, reflect moral obligations attitude towards colleagues, partners, members of society, aware their moral responsibility and show willingness to carry out their duties. The concept of professional duty, professional responsibility, professional conscience intersect with other relative by origin positions, such as professional honor, professional dignity, professional justice, professional tact and are combined with each other.
URI: http://enpuir.npu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/19496
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