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Title: Дебютне дослідження магічно-сакральних текстів М. В. Крушевського на східнослов`янському ґрунті
Other Titles: Дебютное исследование магико-сакральных текстов Н. В. Крушевского на восточнославянской основе
Debut Research of Magically Sacral Texts of M.V. Kruszewski on the East Slavic Basis
Authors: Пахолок, З. О.
Keywords: магічно-сакральний текст
метод збирання
східнослов’янські замовляння
монографія М. В. Крушевського
магико-сакральный текст
метод собирания
восточнославянские заговоры
монография Н. В. Крушевского
magically sacral texts
collection method
East Slavic conspiracies
monograph of N. V. Krushevsky
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Видавництво НПУ імені М. П. Драгоманова
Citation: Пахолок, З. О. Дебютне дослідження магічно-сакральних текстів М. В. Крушевського на східнослов`янському ґрунті / З. О. Пахолок // Науковий часопис Національного педагогічного університету імені М. П. Драгоманова. Серія 9 : Сучасні тенденції розвитку мов : зб. наук. праць. - Київ : Вид-во НПУ імені М. П. Драгоманова, 2017. - Вип. 15. - С. 171-183.
Abstract: У статті розглядаються питання, пов’язані зі специфікою східнослов’янських магічно- сакральних текстів. Проаналізовано історію збирання, публікації та початок вивчення замовлянь як фольклорного жанру. Основний акцент зроблено на першій монографії, присвяченій замовлянням. Подано науковий портрет автора цієї монографії – М. В. Крушевського, схарактеризовано риси, які зробили книгу класичною, її переклади та перевидання.
В статье рассматриваются вопросы, связанные со спецификой восточнославянских магико- сакральных текстов. Проанализирована история их собирания, начало изучения заговоров как фольклорного жанра и публикации по этой проблеме. Основной акцент сделан на первой монографии, посвященной заговорам. Представлен научный портрет автора – Н. В. Крушевского, установлены черты, сделавшие книгу классической, охарактеризированы ее переводы и переиздания.
The last four decades have affected the active interdisciplinary study of magically sacral texts by new methodologies and trends of Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian researchers. Incantations, spells, prayers, sheptannya, prymivky, curses, oaths are considered magically sacral texts. Our attention was drawn, because of the hidden, deep forms of intellectual thinking contacts at the level of archetypes, and to stage manifestations of ethnogenesis. Texts of incantations belong to the most ancient ones of the archaic genre of oral folklore. In Russia, interest for incantation texts as material for folk life and culture studies arose in the eighteenth century and became the actual direction in the science of the next century. In the second half of the nineteenth century collecting incantations have acquired a wide range according to organized Russian Geographical Society. Its ethnographic department was coordinating center around which the united efforts of local historians and lovers of antiquity, who lived across Russia, were joined. They constantly sent to the Society’s archives their records and texts, found by them. At the same time, it became possible to study the various issues related to the practice of magic, because there were collections of incantations by I. Sakharov, A. Afanasyev, L. Maikov, P. Chubinskiy, P. Yefimenko. The first researchers of incantations had not strictly scientific methods. Nevertheless, they have put forward and tried to resolve the issues that still remained controversial. History of incantation research is closely connected with the name of M. V. Kruszewski (in Russian M. V. Kruszewski). The authors often refer to his work “Incantations as a kind of Russian folk poetry”, written in the nineteenth century, but it is not quoted, since it has become a rarity. The work was written in the Warsaw University and was represented as a philosophical and philological research. The author made the first attempt of precise definition of incantation. Kruszewski has raised the question about the psychological basics of the incantation, he aspired to link incantations to the peculiarities of human perception of the surrounding reality, defined the language as the entity, contrasted this understanding of the nature of language that was common in the nineteenth century to social agreement theory and tried to prove that the language does not depend on the will and consciousness of its native speakers. On the contrary, Kruszewski, who devoted the first scientific work to incantations, walked away from the folklore perspective and focused exclusively on the comparative linguistics problems. Theoretical understanding of the incantations in the second half of the XIX century led to the identification of incantations in a single genre, which undoubtedly contributed to the first monographic work of M. V. Kruszewski “Incantations as a kind of Russian folk poetry”. The subject of the studying and the level of implementation continued to be in the center of attention of folklorists, linguists, psychologists, cultural scientists. Kruszewski’s composition became the basis of ethnographic and folklore research of many scientists, and it found the reflection in their scientific researches. Reediting and translations into Polish and Ukrainian languages undoubtedly contribute to the popularization of the Kruszewski’s works.
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