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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Valeological discourse on formation, strengthening and preservation of human healthPutrov, S. Y.
2016Valeological factor as element of productive methodical preparation of Music teachersBodrova, Tetyana Oleksandrivna
2020Values of communicative environment formation in different audiences via English-speaking competence-
2017Variety of teaching methodsКомогорова, Марина Іванівна; Цихмейструк, Оксана Миколаївна
2020Victoria Amazonica: one of the amazing and beautiful plants in the Amazon rainforestPet’ko, Lyudmila; Holovko, Tamila
2017View of mathematicians on biological data : Modeling axon growth using CTRWDescombes, Xavier; Zhizhina, Elena; Komech, Sergey
2017VII Конгрес Товариства Філософської педагогіки (TPF)Штобрин, С.
2011Virtual observatories and interactive websites – modern technologies in educationCsatáryová, M.; Šebeň, V.
2016Virtue, character and community: the peculiarities of theological ethics of Stanley HauerwasСоловій, Роман Павлович
2018Volatility of prices of financial assetsLuca Di Persio; Gugole, Nicola
2015Volunteering in the modern olympic sport as a scientific problemBoyko, Irina
2014Ways of Formation of Professionally Oriented Competence in Russian Speaking to the Foreign Students in ManagementNikolayenko, Vita Valentinovna
2015Web-орієнтовані комп'ютерні системи для управління інформаційними ресурсами в освітніх закладахГалицький, О. В.
2019Weights and the plyometric training as connection to improve muscles capacities growth among volleyball playersKoutchouk Sidi Mohamed; Zerf Mohamed; Mokrani Djamel
2019Western Liberalism at Twilight (?)William L.McBride
2009What is good translation: art, craft or science?Fedun, L.
2018What personal and professional development instruments are the most effective in high school?Chumak, Mykola; Чумак, Микола Євгенійович
2020William Shakespeare rose named after 'British Man of the Millennium'Pet’ko, Lyudmila; Shevchenko, Viktoriya
2016Women, Education and Employment in Saudi Arabia: an Example of Multiple ModernitiesFadaak, Talha; Roberts, Ken
2016Work – life balance programmes for personnel: background and contextTkalych, M. H.