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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014T.Parsons as One of the First Iconic Figures in American SociologyPet’ko, Lyudmila; Britsyna, Natalia
14-Nov-2018Teaching a foreign language in training students of natural sciencesЗапара, Валентина Миколаївна
2018Teaching english to generation ZMisiura, Ya. Yu.
2016Teaching group activities as an effective form in future competitive teachers trainingKushniruk, Svitlana
2016Teaching innovative technologies on literature classess and formation of reading activity skills in pupils with mental retardationKravets, Nina Pavlivna
2016Teaching methods and the formation of professionally oriented foreign language learning environment in conditions of universityPet’ko, Lyudmila
2016Teaching of students’ professionally oriented foreign language writing in the formation of professionally oriented foreign language learning environmentPet’ko, Lyudmila
2013Teaching Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology: A Ukrainian CaseKhromets, Iryna
15-Mar-2018Teaching professional english in training students of tourismЗапара, Валентина Миколаївна
2016Teaching pupils with mentally retardation to analyses of the literature work as component of reading activityKravets, Nina Pavlivna
2017Teaching students within diverse environment in us universitiesBezukh, Y. S.
2016Technology of professional-oriented teaching russian to foreign students majoring in non-linguistic fieldsNikolayenko, Vita Valentinovna
2016TED speeches as a tool to improve listening skills of students majoring in psychologyHloba, Olena
2020Textual features of japanese literary terminologyAnistratenko, Lidiia S.; Аністратенко, Лідія Сергіївна
2020The "Jeanne Moreau" Rose in honor of Icon of French CinemaPorokhnitska, Anastasia; Pet’ko, Lyudmila; Петько, Людмила Василівна
2018The 4th international scientific and practical conference “Challenges of postcolonialism : philosophy, religion, education” : [program]-
2017The advantages and disadvantages of drama techniques in fireign language teachingKholmakova, I. V.
2020The beaver as а national symbol of CanadaNovak, Tatiana; Pet’ko, Lyudmila; Петько, Людмила Василівна
2019The boundaries of the information pedagogy implementation in the context of the use of information and communication technologies in the educational processKyvliuk, O.
2015The Bursting Boiler of Digital Education: Critical Pedagogy and Philosophy of TechnologyFeenberg, Andrew; Jandric, Petar