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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016School Reforms and Educational Inequalities in Post-Communist PolandPawlak, Robert
2016Scientific approaches to the problems of methodical competence of teachers in pre-school educational institutionsAleksyeyenko-Lemovska, Liudmyla Vladislavivna
2016Scientific postulates of budgetary resources as a part of state financesMelnychuk, Nataliia
2016Scientific-theoretical and methodological principles of training future teachers to research pedagogical activityTeslenko, Valentyn Viktorovych
2017Self-assessment in teaching grammar: raising grammatical awareness of philology majorsKavytska, T.; Osidak, V.
2018Self-realization as one of the factors of preparedness for professional activitiesMaiatina, Natalia; Matviienko, Olena; Маятіна, Н. В.; Матвієнко, О. В.
2017Self-relialization of personalitty as a goal of a civilizational project of UkraineKhamitov, Nazip; Хамітов, Назіп
2017Semantic and statistical features of the prefix morphemes of nouns and their interaction in the texts of scientific discource (Based on the English Sublanguages “Chemical Engineering”, “Automobile Engineering”, “Electrical Engineering”)Nevreva, M. N.; Shapa, L. N.; Tsinovaya, M. V.
2014Shakespeare. «Romeo and Juliet». Ballet Art.Pet’ko, Lyudmila; Akulenko, Svetlana
2015Short history of stock markets and stochastic financesMishura, Yu.
2016Social and educational causes of deformation in the moral development of children of primary school ageMatviienko, Olena
2014Social Anxiety Disorder. Kim BasingerPet’ko, Lyudmila; Sukhovirs’ka, Ivanna
2015Social Network ModellingPugacheva, E.
2014Social Phobia as Pedagogical and Psychological ProblemPet'ko, Lyudmila
2016Social rehabilitation of maladjusted children idp (internally displaced people) by means of art therapyMelnichenko, Lesya
2016Social securing as a sphere of social workers’ professional trainingMelnyk, Iryna
2017Social worker in the wind of changeSadowska, Edyta
2017Social worker in the wind of changeSadowska, Edyta
2016Social workers managing training for social entrepreneurshipArtemenko, Inna
2012Social World Self-SpreadingBekh, Yuliya