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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Parents participation in upbringing their children's with mental retardation as active readersKravets, Nina Pavlivna
2015Particular Qualities of the Empirical Research of the Meaning of Life Orientations Development in AdolescenceIvanova, Oksana
2015Peculiarities of cello teaching in the XX-th century: retrospective reviewVan Іnzjun'
2015Peculiarities of formation responsible attitude to the health by pupils in centers for the social and psychological rehabilitation: international experienceKrupnyk, Zoryana
2015Peculiarities of need formation to enhance mnemonic activity of funure foreign language teachersZhovniruk, A. I.
2016Peculiarities of the listening comprehension meсhanisms as the effective tool of the mnemonic activity development in studentsZhovniruk, Andriy
2015Pedagogical Conditions of Choral Conducting Training of Future Teachers of Musical Art Education to Work in Secondary SchoolsZhang Lu
2016Pedagogical Constitution of Europe-
2016Pedagogical principles of formation pupils’ artistic orientations for school education systemPan'kiv, Lyudmila Ivanivna
2015Pedagogical Principles of Young Pupils’ Music Culture Formation in Piano Teaching ProcessShcholokova, Olga; Ding Yun
2016Pedagogical situations and tasks as a means of training for professional activityMatviienko, Olena
2016Pedagogical technology in Russian-speaking communicative competence formation of international students at an advanced stage of professional trainingNikolayenko, Vita Valentinovna
2013Pedagogiczna konstytucja EuropyAuleytner, Julian
3-Feb-2011Person and UniverseBekh, Volodymyr
2011Person and Universe: Cognitive AnalysisBekh, Volodymyr
2015Personal Resource in Teachers’ Training of Musical Arts EducationBodrova, Tetyana Oleksandrivna
2015Personalisation of didactic culture future lecturers’ formation process in higher educational institutions of the ministry of internal affairsPlaksin, Andrey Anatolievich
2015Philosophical Mode of the General Management TheoryBekh, Yu.V.
2015Philosophical Mode of the General Management TheoryBekh, Yu.V.
2014Philosophy’s Pedagogy in the Age of Knowledge CulturesPeters, Michael; Jandrić, Рetar