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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013M.Baryshnikov’s life in balletPet’ko, Ludmyla; Mel’nichenko, Xenia
2018Mahatma Gandhi’s education policy in pre and post colonial IndiaRina Avinash Pitale Puradkar
2013Marius Petipa and His Life in BalletPet’ko, Ludmila; Kabannik, Tetjana
2013Marius Petipa and Russian BalletPet’ko, Ludmila; Kabannik, Tetjana
2014Markov birth-and-death dynamics of populationsBezborodov, V.
2016Mass Culture, Education and the Perspective of IndividualityEliopoulos, Panos
2016Mass Culture, Education and the Perspective of Individuality. Methodological seminar was conducted by the scientific journal “Philosophy of Education” (Institute of Higher Education, National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine)-
2013Maya Plisetskay and Her Creative Work in Ballet of the 20-th CenturyPet’ko, Ludmyla; Moskalenko, Violeta
2013Maya Plisetskaya and her life in balletMoskalenko, Violeta; Pet’ko, Ludmyla
2015Metaphor in Shakespeare’s TextsPet'ko, Lyudmila Vasilievna; Goncharova, Tatyana Volodymyrivna; Babii, Sergiy Mykolayovych,
Mar-2017Methodical bases of woodworking future bachelor technological education by means of modern information technologyКоваленко, Ігор Васильович
2016Methodological approaches of senior pupils’ artistic orientations formation for system to out-of-school educationPan'kiv, Lyudmyla
2017Methodological aspects of exclusion and inclusion at the stage of entry into the issue of diversityHurenko, Olga; Zakharova, Natalia
2016Methodological knowledge from elementary mathematics as the basis for formation of readiness of the future mathematics teachers of innovative pedagogical activityKuhai, Nataliia Vasylivna; Achkan, Vitalii Valentynovych
2015Methods of Educational Work with Older Teenagers in the Center for Social and Psychological RehabilitationSydorchuk, Maryna
2017Metodologia pedagogiki wczesnoszkolnej - jej swoistość, uwarunkowania społeczne iedukacyjneJanicka-Panek, Teresa
2017Microscopic dynamics and kinetic description of spatial ecology modelsKutovyi, Oleksandr; Tkachov, Pasha
1996Migration Situation in UkraineYevtoukh, Volodymyr
2014Mikhail Baryshnikov and his Creative Work in BalletPet’ko, Ludmyla; Mel’nichenko, Xenia
2016Modelling of social sphere specialists’ professional trainingVainola, Renate