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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Karl Marx and Marxist SociologyPet’ko, Lyudmila; Monets, Oxana
2017Karnel (subordinating) models of verbal word-phrases in the texts "Radio-electronics"Shapa, L. N.; Kudinova, T. I.
2014Kiev: symphony of three squares and two streetsAntonova-Azarova, Anna
Apr-2019Knowledge of foriign language as a basis for lifelong development of natural sciences specialistЯременко-Гасюк, Олена Олександрівна
2010Kultura pedagogiczna rodziców. Potrzeba ciągłej formacjiKlementowicz, S.
2018Language of Communication as an Important Condition for the Development of National Identity During Ukrainian StudentsSpivak, Lyubov; Kovalenko, Olena; Співак, Любов Миколаївна; Коваленко, Олена
2003“Late” Protestants in Post-Communist UkrainЄленський Віктор
2014Leisure of Youth in Modern SocietyPet’ko, Lyudmila; Nagornyuk, Lilia
2018Les sons français dans la chaîne parlée : Звуки французької мови у мовленнєвому потоці : навчально-методичний посібник з фонетики французької мови-
2005Lexical and Phraseological Means of Expressing Indefinite Small Quantity in the English LanguageЗапара, Валентина Миколаївна
2018Lexical Semantic Modelling in Cross‐Linguistic PerspectiveDemenchuk, Oleh V.; Деменчук, О. В.
2018Linguistic support for the formation of a consolidated information resource of social memory institutionsLypak, Halyna; Kunanets, Nataliia; Veretennikova, Nataliia; Pasichnyk, Volodymyr
2016Linguodidactic Features of the Development Language Education in the UK in the Beginning the Twentieth CenturyMakhinova, Marianna
2013M.Baryshnikov’s life in balletPet’ko, Ludmyla; Mel’nichenko, Xenia
2018Mahatma Gandhi’s education policy in pre and post colonial IndiaRina Avinash Pitale Puradkar
2013Marius Petipa and His Life in BalletPet’ko, Ludmila; Kabannik, Tetjana
2013Marius Petipa and Russian BalletPet’ko, Ludmila; Kabannik, Tetjana
2014Markov birth-and-death dynamics of populationsBezborodov, V.
2016Mass Culture, Education and the Perspective of IndividualityEliopoulos, Panos
2016Mass Culture, Education and the Perspective of Individuality. Methodological seminar was conducted by the scientific journal “Philosophy of Education” (Institute of Higher Education, National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine)-