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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Identities conflict in Ukraine as a result of post-traditional changesKisla, Anna
2016Inclusion of West-Ukrainian lands into the USSR in 1939 (historical and legal research)Guban, R.; Semendiai, A.
2016Influence of diversification professional education on various types preparing of vocational educational teachersTytova, Nataliya
2014Information in Ukrainian SocietyPet’ko, Lyudmila; Telyakevich, Alice
2014Information technologies in the area of education: main directions of applicationMakarenko, L. L.; Marhitych, M. Ya.
2013Informatization of educational process in the context of formation of a core of information pedagogyKyvlyuk, Olga
2014Innovative Seminar "Evaluation of Educational Space"-
2015Innovative Seminar «Evaluation scientific-educational programs for ethnic minorities»-
2015Institutional traps in political practice of post-communist countries: case of UkraineZelenko, G.
2015Instrumental Resources of Evaluation: Electronic Searching SystemsSavenkova, Lyudmyla
2017Integration of fundamental and practical training future primary school teacher in the context of a new Ukrainian school developmentMatviienko, Olena
2014Intellectually-cognitive criterion of the professional growth of humanitarian specialties` teachers of the higher schoolTsvetkova, Ganna Georgievna
2017Interactive approaches for education through web - based methodological platformHarizanov, Kr. V.
2012Intercultural dialogue : efficient construct of the integrative development of polyethnic societiesYevtukh, Volodymyr; Євтух, Володимир
2017Interdisciplinary links as a didactic basis of the future teacher’s professional trainingVaskivska, Halyna; Tana´s, Maciej R.; Loboda, Svitlana
2014Interest Rate Model Selection and Implementation for the Credit Risk EnginesKondratyev, Alexei
2007Interkulturelle stilistik gezeigt am stilistischen potential der lexik des deutschen und des ukrainischenІваненко, С.М.
2014Isadora Duncan and Her DancePet’ko, Lyudmila; Shpota, Yevgenia
Jan-2014Isadora Duncan and Sergey EseninPet’ko Lyudmila; Shpota Yevgenia
2013Islamic Education in Ukraine: Challenges and FutureKhromets Vitalii L.; Хромец Виталий Леонидович; Хромець, Віталій Леонідович