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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013He epochal personality of the teacherBarbareev, Kiril
2014Helping Someone with an Eating DisorderPet’ko, Lyudmila; Antonyuk, Anastasia
2014Herbert Spencer and his study of societyPet’ko, Lyudmila; Zhuravlyova, Daria
2016Higher Education To-Day - A Billion Euro MisunderstandingStreit, L.
2013History of Modern DancePet’ko, Ludmyla; Pita, Aldo
2014Human Migration NowadaysPet’ko, Lyudmila; Zolotukhin, Alexander
2018Hyperconcept CONVERT TO CHRISTIANITY Reconstruction in English, German and Ukrainian Texts of Religious Popular DiscourseCherkhava, Olesya O.; Черхава, О. О.
2015Identities conflict in Ukraine as a result of post-traditional changesKisla, Anna
2016Inclusion of West-Ukrainian lands into the USSR in 1939 (historical and legal research)Guban, R.; Semendiai, A.
2016Indices of psychophysical qualities of students [of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University]Marchuk, S. A.
2016Influence of diversification professional education on various types preparing of vocational educational teachersTytova, Nataliya
2016Influence of extreme sports on the level of development of coordination abilitiesKovalchuk, L. V.; Tkachivka, I. M.; Lisovsky, B. P.
2014Information in Ukrainian SocietyPet’ko, Lyudmila; Telyakevich, Alice
2014Information technologies in the area of education: main directions of applicationMakarenko, L. L.; Marhitych, M. Ya.
2013Informatization of educational process in the context of formation of a core of information pedagogyKyvlyuk, Olga
2017Innovative aspects of implementation of university students’ professionally applied physical preparationKuznetsova, T. O.; Zubrytskyi, B. D.
2014Innovative Seminar "Evaluation of Educational Space"-
2015Innovative Seminar «Evaluation scientific-educational programs for ethnic minorities»-
2015Institutional traps in political practice of post-communist countries: case of UkraineZelenko, G.
2015Instrumental Resources of Evaluation: Electronic Searching SystemsSavenkova, Lyudmyla