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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Factors that complicate the reading activity of mentally retarded studentsKravets, Nina Pavlivna
2016Fair play як складова процесу реалізації олімпійської освіти в олімпійському спортіРадченко, Л. О.
2016Fast traveling-wave reactor of the channel typeRusov, Vitaliy D.; Tarasov, Victor A.; Vashchenko, Volodymyr N.
2014«Father of sociology»: Emile DurkheimPet’ko, Lyudmila; Roshchenko, Maryna
2014Fear of oral communication and directiveness in the future teachers of physical education and educatorsJasiński, Т. L.; Tkachuk, V. G.
2016Features charity education in primary school childrenMatviienko, Olena
2016Features educational assessment of future teachers’ educational achievements in vocational educationTytova, Natalija
2015Features of Formation of Future Radio-Electronic Specialists’ Technical CompetenceTernopilska, Valentyna Ivanivna; Andruschenko, Ivan
2015Features of the First-Year Students' Adaptation for Studying at a Technical University in UkraineMoiseenko, Larisa; Suhobrus, Ludmila
2017Features of warrant pedagogical interaction with future teachers in the process of individual work organizationMatviienko, Olena
2007Feste und Feiertage in den deutschsprachigen LändernКовальчук, Ніна Дмитрівна; Васильківська, Людмила Олександрівна
2013FlamencoPet’ko, Ludmyla; Kreydun, Sofia
2014Flamenko DancePet’ko, Ludmyla; Kreydun, Sofia
2018Foreign experience of professional training of specialists in universities for work in tourism sphereSkrypchenko, I. T.
2018Foreign language exam in a particular professional field or peculiarities of Entrance-2018 to magistracy in UkrainePet’ko, Lyudmila
2015Formation of creative potential students-choreographers’ in terms of higher educational institutions of culture and artsZavhorodnya, Yevgenia; Завгородня, Євгенія
2015Formation of Foreign Students’ Russian Professional Communicative Competence: Psychological and Pedagogical AspectsNikolayenko, Vita Valentinovna
2016Formation of future social worker’s professional standings in the conditions of higher educational establishmentKarpenko, Olena
2016Formation of future teachers’ pedagogical cultureTeslenko, Valentyn Viktorovych
2016Formation of humanistic position of future teachersTeslenko, Valentyn Viktorovych