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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Dance as Universal LanguagePet’ko, Lyudmila; Shinkaryuk, Irina
2011Das adjektiv ist einfachКовальчук, Ніна Дмитрівна
2005Das Recht der Religionsgemeinschaften in der UkraineЄленський В. Є.
2016Decentralization as a method of realization budget policy for organs of local governmentMelnychuk, Nataliia; Мельничук, Наталія
2019Degree of Affinity Between the Korean *mōi(h), *mōró and Japanese *mǝ́rí against the Altaic *mōr[u] “tree, forest” (According to Starostin’s Version)Kapranov, Yan V.; Капранов, Я. В
2006Delphi (Kylix) як засіб навчання основ програмуванняОніщенко, С.М.; Франчук, В.М.
2013Developing a multicultural personality by means of expanding the international cooperation among universities (based on the experience of Mariupol State University)Balabanov, Kostyantyn
2017Developing students’ creativity in conditions of universityPet’ko, Lyudmila
2018Development of cross-cultural communication skills as the basis in the formation of multicultural personality in the context of the modernization of kazakhstani educationAkhmetova, Gaukhar; Aipova, Ainash; Novossyolova, Yelena; Oguzbayev, Aslan
2018Development of interview taking competence by beginner journalists with the help of a psychophysiological componentBalaklitsky, Maxim; Kuryliak, Valentina
2016Development of students’ cognitive activity in foreign language teaching by using analogy methodPet’ko, Lyudmila
2018Diachronic Interpretation of Nostratic Etymon *wol[a] Based on Proto‐Indo‐European *(e)wel‐ (Gr hw‐ / ew‐) and Proto‐Altaic *ulu (~ ‐o) Forms (According to S. A. Starostin’s Version)Kapranov, Yan V.; Капранов, Я. В.
2016Dialog technologies as a factor of literature teaching methods realization for mentally retarded pupilsKravets, Nina Pavlivna
1998Die Neustrukturierung von Religion und Kirche in der posttotalitären UkraineJelensky Victor
1994Die Ukraine - ein ethnoheterogener NationalstaatYevtoukh, Volodymyr; Євтух, Володимир Борисович
2018Differentiated approach to foreign language learningKovalenko, O. O.; Konoplianyk, L. M.
2017Discussion Club : Artificial intelligence (AI) — danger or a new possibility for humanity?-
2015“Display” of the Bologna Process in UkraineKisla, Anna; Zayonchkivskaya, Irina
2018Dynamics of Semantic and Pragmatic Framework of Modal Proposition: Linguistic and Cognitive AspectsShnurovska, Luibov V.; Шнуровська, Л. В.
2016Ecologo-pedagogical activity as a type of professional pedagogical activitySkyba, M. M.; Скиба, Марія Михайлівна; Білянська, Марія Михайлівна; Білянська (Скиба), Марія Михайлівна