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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Cactie at London's Royal Botanic Gardens KewPet’ko, Lyudmila; Leskovets, Yevheniia
2019Challenges of Postcolonialism : Philosophy, Religion, Education-
2018"Challenges of Postcolonialism : Philosophy, Religion, Education" : Materials of the 4th International Scientific and Practical Conference (Kyiv, May 24-25, 2018)-
2016Changing focus on Military Chaplaincy: Religious-Spiritual Counseling and Care in UkraineKalenychenko, Tetiana; Киреленко, Тетяна Андріївна
2012Characterization theorems for customer equivalent utility insurance premium calculation principlePratsiovytyi, Mykola; Drozdenko, Vitaliy
2011Choreography techniques of Pas de Deux in the use of dance creationWang Fuyin
2017Citizenship education as basis of educational work in modern PR ChinaKalashnyk, Lyubov
2018Civic upbringing adolescents with special educational needs in Literature lessonsKravets, N. P.; Palahnyuk, O. I.; Кравець, Н. П.; Палагнюк, О. І.
2016Classification of directions in cheerleading and components of motivation for children to training in sectionKolomeitseva, O.; Sinica, S.; Sinica, T.; Kondratyuk, Y.
2019Cloud Technologies in Art Entrepreneurship EducationPet’ko, Lyudmila; Holinska, Tetiana; Komarovska, Oksana; Melnyk, Olha; Shpitsa, Roksolana; Sova, Olha; Strohal, Tetiana
2018Cognitive Mechanism of Analogy and its Role in Processes of Primary Metaphor CreationBorodiichuk, Nadiya V.; Бородійчук, Н. В.
2015Colour arhetypes researching as a way of mentality peculiarities comprehensionBohdanova, S. A.; Kozachuk, O. D.
2018Combinatorial Syntagmatics: from the Theory of Valency to the Theory of Conceptual IntegrationKorolyova, Alla V.; Корольова, А. В.
2016Commentary Pedagogical Constitution of EuropeAndruschenko, V. P.; Saveliev, V. L.
2014Common and Different Features in VET of Ukraine and the USAДубовик, Оксана Вікторівна
2016Communicative activity of the future Music teachers: some features of the competence-based approachXie Fang
2018Communicative culture of a future teacher of music in the context of pedagogical innovationsZaitseva, A. V.; Strogal, T. U.; Зайцева, Алла Віталіївна
2015Competency Approach for the Preparation of Foreign Language Teacher in Education as a New Educational ParadigmErsozoglu, Rukiye
2018Competency-based approach to professional preparation of modern economist and entrepreneurКліпа, Юлія Володимирівна; Klipa, Yuliia
2017Complex methodology analysis of hypertext in computer discourseKotovska, O. V.