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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Dialog technologies as a factor of literature teaching methods realization for mentally retarded pupilsKravets, Nina Pavlivna
1998Die Neustrukturierung von Religion und Kirche in der posttotalitären UkraineJelensky Victor
2017Discussion Club : Artificial intelligence (AI) — danger or a new possibility for humanity?-
2015“Display” of the Bologna Process in UkraineKisla, Anna; Zayonchkivskaya, Irina
2016Educability as personal and psychological factors of normative behavior in the pupilsVol’nova, Lesya
2015Education and creativityŁaszczyk, Jan
2014Education and the doctrine of the mean in Aristotle and in ConfuciusEliopoulos, Panos
2016Education as Template for Existential Imperatives and Social Order in AfricaOyeshile, Olatunji A.
2010Education changes in context developing information and communication technologies (ICT)Walat, Wojciech
2013Education in the structure of civilization changesKremen’, Vasyl
2013Education in unifying EuropeLashchyk, Jan
2016Education, teaching, upbringing of students in the way of professionally oriented foreign language trainingPet’ko, Lyudmila
2017Educational discourse of tourism business in the context of information societyNikitenko, V.
2010Edukacja międzykulturowa zjawisko społeczne wywołujące następstwa edukacyjneŁukasiewicz, A.M.
2016Edutainment і його значення в новій системі освітиКоноваленко, Юрій Васильович
26-Apr-2013eKMAIR – електронний архів НаУКМА: переваги, політики, статистичні даніГімос, Олена
2014English composite verbs in dictionariesHumbatova, A. A.
2011Enhancing the inquiry-based learning via reformulating classical problems and dynamic softwareChehlarova, T.; Sendova, E.
26-Apr-2013eNUFTIR: стан, проблеми і перспективиЛевченко, Наталія Петрівна
2014Erich Fromm: a Socialist HumanistPet’ko, Lyudmila; Burda, Karina