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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Nov-2017Cultural Rights in Ethnically Diverse Society : Prospects for UkraineYevtukh, Volodymyr
2018Cultural security phenomenon: theoretical framework for investigationYevtukh, Volodymyr
Mar-2016Ethnic Entrepreneurship in the Social Space of Polyethnic Countries : Concepts, Structure, FunctioningYevtukh, Volodymyr
May-2015Evaluation as an Invitation to Democracy – Building Evaluation DiscourseYevtukh, Volodymyr
Jun-2017From Teaching to Learning: Presentation of Contextual ManualYevtukh, Volodymyr
2012Intercultural dialogue : efficient construct of the integrative development of polyethnic societiesYevtukh, Volodymyr; Євтух, Володимир
8-Dec-2017National Minorities in Ukraine : The Path to the RightsYevtukh, Volodymyr
2013New Immigrants in Ukrainian Space: Problems of IntegrationYevtukh, Volodymyr
30-May-2016Perspectives of Structuring of Intercultural Education in UkraineYevtukh, Volodymyr
Apr-2016Polyethnicity of Ukrainian Society : Historical Reminiscences and Present Time Modus VivendiYevtukh, Volodymyr
9-Jan-2014[Review]Yevtukh, Volodymyr
2009Roma in Ukraine: Ethnodemographical and Sociocultural ContextsYevtukh, Volodymyr
Apr-2012Russians (Russkiye) in Ukraine : Mythicizing the MythYevtukh, Volodymyr
2013Russians (Russkiye) in Ukraine: Mythicizing the MythsYevtukh, Volodymyr
2013Russkiye in Ukraine: Myth Versus Realities or Vice VersaYevtukh, Volodymyr; Євтух, Володимир
2018Ukrainian ethnos as a complex socio-cultural phenomenon: formation, dynamics, prospectsYevtukh, Volodymyr
2015Ukrainians Abroad’ in Context of the Concept of an Entire Ukrainian EthnosYevtukh, Volodymyr
2012Володимир Євтух у інформаційно-комунікаційному просторі: наукові та політико-громадські активностіЄвтух, Володимир; Yevtukh, Volodymyr
2009ЕтнічністьЄвтух, Володимир Борисович; Yevtukh, Volodymyr