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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Actual problems of modern professional educationMatviienko, Olena; Матвієнко, Олена
2016Actual problems of primary school pupils’ underachievementMatviienko, Olena; Матвієнко, Олена
2019Criteria, Indicators and Levels Future Primary School Teacher’s Readiness to Collaboration with Heterogeneous Groups of StudentsMatviienko, Olena; Tutova, Tetiana; Матвієнко, Олена; Тутова, Тетяна
2018Criteria, key indicators and preparedness levels in future food technicians for professional self-realizationMaiatina, Natalia; Matviienko, Olena; Маятіна, Н. В.; Матвієнко, О. В.
2016Features charity education in primary school childrenMatviienko, Olena
2017Features of warrant pedagogical interaction with future teachers in the process of individual work organizationMatviienko, Olena
2017Integration of fundamental and practical training future primary school teacher in the context of a new Ukrainian school developmentMatviienko, Olena
2017Modern approaches to goal setting for teacher pedagogical activityMatviienko, Olena
2017Multicultural upbringing of primary school children in the conditions of Ukraine’s eurointegrationMatviienko, Olena; Scyhmeystryh, Oksana; Матвієнко, О. В.; Цихмейструк, О. М.
2018Pedagogical communication in conditions of forming new Ukrainian schoolMatviienko, Olena
2016Pedagogical situations and tasks as a means of training for professional activityMatviienko, Olena
2017Pedagogy of partnership in the process of setting new Ukrainian schoolMatviienko, Olena
2020Psychological features of preschooler as a subject of educational activityMatviienko, Olena; Матвієнко, Олена Валеріївна
2018Self-realization as one of the factors of preparedness for professional activitiesMaiatina, Natalia; Matviienko, Olena; Маятіна, Н. В.; Матвієнко, О. В.
2016Social and educational causes of deformation in the moral development of children of primary school ageMatviienko, Olena
2016The influence of socio-political changes in society on the moral development of primary school age childrenMatviienko, Olena
2017The modern condition of forming sociocultural competence in future elementary school teachersDidur, Natalia; Matviienko, Olena
2019The Structure of Research Activity Development in Preparing Future Foreign Language TeachersBaranova, Yuliia; Matviienko, Olena; Баранова, Юлія; Матвієнко, Олена Валеріївна
2016Theoretical bases of teacher’s professional formationMatviienko, Olena
2014Theoretical Basics of Preparation of Teachers to Pedagogical Interaction with Children of Various AgeMatviienko, Olena