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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A Person and Sleeping ProblemsPet’ko, Lyudmila; Storchova, Marina
2016A Study Tomas Dylan’s Poetry with Future TranslatorsPet’ko, Lyudmila
2017About socio-culturological content in teaching subjectsPet’ko, Lyudmila
2017Acquaintance of students with phraseological expressions in Donald Trump’s inaugural presidential addressPet’ko, Lyudmila
2014Advertising and SocietyPet’ko, Lyudmila; Sovenko, Julia
2019Alluring Orchids in Kew GardensPet’ko, Lyudmila; Kotliarova, Oleksandra; Петько, Людмила Василівна
2014Auguste Comte and SociologyPet’ko, Lyudmila; Pasichnyk, Viktoriya
2014Autism and a ChildPet’ko, Lyudmila; Kusol, Yevgen
2014Ballet on IcePet’ko, Lyudmila; Tkachova, Christina
2014Behavioural Disorders in ChildPet’ko, Lyudmila; Zhuravel, Maria
2014Braille System of Tactile Dots For Blind PeoplePet’ko, Lyudmila; Repetylo, Elisabeth
2016Brainstorming and the formation of professionally oriented foreign language teaching environment in the conditions of university (for the specialties 023 «Fine Arts» and 022 «Design»)Pet’ko, Lyudmila
2019Cactie at London's Royal Botanic Gardens KewPet’ko, Lyudmila; Leskovets, Yevheniia
2014Consumption and SocietyPet’ko, Lyudmila; Arsenyuk, Anastasia
2013Culture Values and Modern SocietyPet’ko, Lyudmila; Dmytrenko, Christina
2014Dance as Universal LanguagePet’ko, Lyudmila; Shinkaryuk, Irina
2017Developing students’ creativity in conditions of universityPet’ko, Lyudmila
2016Development of students’ cognitive activity in foreign language teaching by using analogy methodPet’ko, Lyudmila
2016Education, teaching, upbringing of students in the way of professionally oriented foreign language trainingPet’ko, Lyudmila
2018Environmental approach in the formation of social activity in primary school childrenPet’ko, Lyudmila